About company

Hi-Tek Performance LLC, was founded in 2021. It is a small business that promotes performance improvement. We provide performance improvement strategies to improve motivation, growth, and opportunities. We offer life/mindset coaching to individuals that feel stuck in a rut by assisting them in finding their purpose in life. 


I’m Vonita Williams, owner of Hi-Tek Performance LLC.

I provide change that makes a difference in individuals and organizations.

I analyze the situation and provide interventions and options to make the situation better.

I have been in the training and development arena over 14 years as a coach, mentor, trainer, and instructional designer. I work with you to determine the gap and look for ways to close it.

I help people and organizations identify and solve problems.
I help people and organizations improve their overall performance.
I provide individual coaching to help people find their destiny and purpose.

Book me for a consultation so that I can understand and assist you with your goals.

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Why Work With Me?

It’s all about improving you and/or your organization.

I help you transition into the person/company that you want to be!



What I Can Do For You

Practical change leads to realistic improvements

Developing and sustaining change to be the best you


Change and growth to improve your overall being

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